LZF Lamps and Sustainability

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We were elated to have Sandro Tothill from LZF Lamps visit Atlanta recently. We are always in awe of LZF’s stunning fixtures and the company’s dedication to sustainability. Technique, ethics, and aesthetics are equally prioritized in designing beautiful lamps with a reduced environmental footprint at LZF.

Here is their incredible Sustainability and Circular Economy Statement:

  • LZF works with wood veneer as their primary diffusing material.
  • For 29 years, LZF has been handcrafting wood-veneer lamps. They work by hand and do not use heavy machinery, only hand tools.
  • All LZF wood veneers are FSC-certified.
  • All of their wood veneer colors are from natural vegetable dyes.
  • The LZF wood veneer treatment is a proprietary patent called Timberlite®. It is a waterless, nontoxic treatment developed in-house to avoid using toxic solvents and resins. Timberlite transforms a delicate material into one that is exceptionally flexible and easy to manipulate.
  • LZF’s highly skilled artisans then drill, punch, cut, bend, and fold veneers by hand.
  • LZF has integrated the latest LED technology to stay abreast of energy saving and lower electrical consumption.
  • They prioritize eco-friendly packaging using compostable materials and recycled cardboard for boxes and supports. Fragile items are packed in potato starch bags and corn chips.
  • All of their main suppliers are within a 30-mile radius of the factory. They maintain an industrial fabric of small companies promoting local production and have closer and more personal contact with them, resulting in greater versatility and flexibility during production.


Not Your Typical Linear Suspensions – 10 Fixtures that Will Jazz Up Your Conference Room

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We have put together a list of 10 linear fixtures that will really shake it up in your office conference room or wherever you need a linear pendant. These aren’t your average suspensions, and we are looking forward to more projects with these interesting and conversation-starting lights.


Santa & Cole Lamina

A line of light and a thin metal sheet create the perfect diffusion in this aesthetically pleasing and soothing design. The Lamina explores the virtues of reflected light with simple lines in varying shades and sizes.

Santa & Cole Lamina


Luceplan Fienile

This suspension contains a homogenous light source for high performance without glare. The Fienile allows maximum freedom of movement with upward or downward directed light, thanks to the design’s 360 rotation, plus you can connect two of these via one power cord for longer applications.

Luceplan Fienile


Andlight Vale

The Vale suspends vertically or horizontally, and as a single or multiple pendant. Its edge-to-edge or end-to-end suspensions allow for many varied arrangements. The undulating and prismatic surface of the lens emits beautiful light and also creates a soft hue and ambient diffusion.

AndLight Vale


Marset Ambrosia *Available in the US in November*

This beautiful lighting system is available in four pre-set lengths ranging from 47 to 124 inches, with varying height options – allowing you to define and adjust as needed. The Ambrosia design stems from a tubular structure with gentle lines that attach to the ceiling, allowing the light to descend and gently illuminate any type of project.

Marset Ambrosia


Marset Ihana *Available in the US in November*

This stunning lighting system consists of several opal blown glass diffusers and a contrasting metal structure that determines the fixture’s height and fastens it to the ceiling. It offers ambient light to any classic or contemporary interior design project as its structure can be extended to include 14 diffusers connected to a single point of light.

Marset Ihana


LZF Dune

The Dune is made of two symmetrical ends and an irregular, bulbous-shaped center while the wood veneer diffuser houses the lamp’s dimmable LED light source. The downward light from the seed pod-like opening is softened by the glass. Each Dune is unique – the beauty found in the imperfections of hand blown glass ensures Dune as a piece of art.

LZF Dune


Lambert et Fils Dorval

This suspension lands somewhere between vintage and contemporary industrial design. Taking notes from airport runway lights and essential features of chandeliers alike – this intriguing fixture will be sure to zhuzh up your space and jumpstart conversation.

Lambert et Fils Dorval


Lambert et Fils Mile

This suspension offers a spin on the traditional linear suspension, pared down to its asymmetrical expression, two lines float in surprising equilibrium. A fun play on contrasts and angles – this collaboration with Canadian designer Guillaume Sasseville offers direct and indirect LED light as well. This fixture comes in a wide range of colors with fun finishes like green and burgundy, too!

Lambert et Fils Mile


Estiluz Circ T316

This glass globe and metal fixture provides direct and indirect light and can be mounted facing upwards or downwards. With three glass shades and one rotating arm, you can install the light at an angle if you please. It’s perfect for the conference room, but also for the living room, dining room, kitchen island, or bar counter!

Estiluz Circ T316


Cerno Una

The fixture’s exterior showcases the natural beauty of the wood construction, and ample light is shed from recessed light sources that preserve the linear form. This fixture is the zenith of many innovative fabrication techniques developed at Cerno. It also showcases what Cerno does best: showcasing the beauty of the materials in tandem with simple, gorgeous design. The perfect addition to your next office project.

Cerno Una

Dread River Distillery: Award-Winning Design

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Dread River is a stunning distillery in Downtown Birmingham designed by Magic City local, Williams Blackstock Architects. The design of the space has received an AIA Honor Award and caught the world’s attention with dramatic lighting from DesignHeure and Lee Broom. The centerpiece is DesignHeure’s gorgeous Nuage chandelier over the main bar.

DesignHeure Nuage chandelier.


Each room is different and mimics one’s mystical journey down “Dread River,” an allusion to an ancient tale of a river so large that steam vessels could traverse it flowing underneath Birmingham. The space utilizes lots of natural light, engages the branding, but also provides ventilation and an effective production layout. The experience of the space is ever-changing as patrons move through the bar just like floating down “Dread River”.

Lee Broom Decanter suspensions.

Battery Operated Lamps: 7 Lamps that Offer Flexibility

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We are major aficionados of the rechargeable, battery-operated lamp trend. Not only because they are beautiful and innovative, but these fixtures are immensely flexible and lend themselves to many different situations. You can take them outside for some happy hour cocktails, carry them with you into that room with the perplexing shortage of plugs, utilize them during a power outage, or just showcase them on your favorite shelf. If you haven’t added a portable lamp to your collection just yet, we’ve compiled 7 of our favorites below for you to peruse.

Bover Cocktail

This reasonably priced lamp is a balance of innovation and aesthetics. The Cocktail creates wonderful atmospheres in a range of applications.

El Torrent Koord

This beautifully designed lamp is available in 4 different sizes, many colors, and made from a very unique polypropylene UV-treated cord. It is the perfect outdoor lamp for that beachside happy hour with friends.

Pablo Uma

Everyone at Illuminations owns one of these modern and versatile lamps. Pablo puts it best: “Fusing state-of-the-art Warm Dim LED technology with 360° high fidelity surround sound, UMA provides a one of a kind portable light + sound experience, integrated seamlessly into a strikingly elegant design”. A must-have to any collection.

Bover Tanit

This portable and rechargeable fixture provides magical diffused light through a hand-woven screen. It is almost weightless and brings inimitable elegance to any porch or restaurant!

Estiluz Circ

This one-of-a-kind lamp has a 6-hour maximum brightness battery life and is meant for the outdoors. The shade is made of translucent polyethylene with a beige color scheme and metal ring. A chic addition to any terrace.

Lodes Valentina

This ornate lamp puts maximum prismatic workmanship on full display. Lodes puts it most concisely: “Valentina lamps are perfect for infusing spaces with a soft and romantic atmosphere.”

Artemide Come Together

This powerful fixture provides light for up to 16 hours without being recharged. It offers three different light performances and adds fractal beauty to any application.

5 Outdoor Lights You Won’t Want to Miss

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With the outdoors being a place of solace, especially in the time of COVID, exterior lighting is more important than ever during these short winter days. Our manufacturers’ outdoor collections truly run the gamut with regard to variety of application and wide-ranging style, but here are five outdoor lights you need to check out right now.

Arturo Alvarez Hipatia

A collection named after the Egyptian Neoplatonic philosopher and teacher who lived during the beginning of the fifth century, this portable LED lamp will transform your patio. The all-purpose stainless steel mesh lampshade lends easily to the indoors as well if you need some extra ambiance in your living room. Hang it informally, place it on the ground, or carry it with you – this lamp is the definition of versatility.

Artemide O Ground and O Suspension

Artemide’s O Ground and Suspension lamp are a concerted effort to “reconcile the needs of both the natural and the urban environments”. This aluminum and silicone LED fixture interferes as little as possible with the surrounding environment, a light without a lamp. It is outfitted with sensors that activate lighting when motion is perceived – illuminating for a short, necessary time, and then returns to a darkened state.

Contardi Babu

Contardi’s Babu fixtures bring the indoors out with the innovative three-dimensional printing on outdoor fabrics. These unique lights give depth to any outdoor space along with entertaining optical illusions to enjoy with a cocktail in hand. Available in three sizes and two variations of textures, the base of this lamp is made of champagne painted steel with ground anchoring available depending on the type of surface.

Estiluz Circ

This family of lights is perfect for your garden or terrace. Two for one – a lamp built into a table offers endless possibilities when enjoying the evening with loved ones. Available in black and rust finish, these one of a kind fixtures are made of translucent beige polyethylene and a metal body.

Vibia Meridiano

We love multi-functioning lamps here at Illuminations, and this one truly checks off some boxes as it can function as a light source, a side table, or a stool. The Meridiano is outfitted with an LED light that emits indirectly from under its cover and generates magical patterns of light. Available in three matte lacquered colors: khaki, off-white, and green, your terrace will never be the same.