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LZF Lamps and Sustainability

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We were elated to have Sandro Tothill from LZF Lamps visit Atlanta recently. We are always in awe of LZF’s stunning fixtures and the company’s dedication to sustainability. Technique, ethics, and aesthetics are equally prioritized in designing beautiful lamps with a reduced environmental footprint at LZF.

Here is their incredible Sustainability and Circular Economy Statement:

  • LZF works with wood veneer as their primary diffusing material.
  • For 29 years, LZF has been handcrafting wood-veneer lamps. They work by hand and do not use heavy machinery, only hand tools.
  • All LZF wood veneers are FSC-certified.
  • All of their wood veneer colors are from natural vegetable dyes.
  • The LZF wood veneer treatment is a proprietary patent called Timberlite®. It is a waterless, nontoxic treatment developed in-house to avoid using toxic solvents and resins. Timberlite transforms a delicate material into one that is exceptionally flexible and easy to manipulate.
  • LZF’s highly skilled artisans then drill, punch, cut, bend, and fold veneers by hand.
  • LZF has integrated the latest LED technology to stay abreast of energy saving and lower electrical consumption.
  • They prioritize eco-friendly packaging using compostable materials and recycled cardboard for boxes and supports. Fragile items are packed in potato starch bags and corn chips.
  • All of their main suppliers are within a 30-mile radius of the factory. They maintain an industrial fabric of small companies promoting local production and have closer and more personal contact with them, resulting in greater versatility and flexibility during production.