Dread River Distillery: Award-Winning Design

Dread River is a stunning distillery in Downtown Birmingham designed by Magic City local, Williams Blackstock Architects. The design of the space has received an AIA Honor Award and caught the world’s attention with dramatic lighting from DesignHeure and Lee Broom.

Battery-Operated Lamps: 7 Lamps that Offer Flexibility

We are major aficionados of the rechargeable, battery-operated lamp trend. Not only because they are beautiful and innovative, but these fixtures are immensely flexible and lend themselves to many different situations. You can take them outside for some happy hour cocktails, carry them with you into that room with the perplexing shortage of plugs, utilize them during a power outage, or just showcase them on your favorite shelf. If you haven’t added a portable lamp to your collection just yet, we’ve compiled 7 of our favorites for you to peruse.

5 Outdoor Lights You Won’t Want to Miss

With the outdoors being a place of solace, especially in the time of COVID, exterior lighting is more important than ever during these short winter days. Our manufacturers’ outdoor collections truly run the gamut with regard to variety of application and wide-ranging style, but here are five outdoor lights you need to check out right now.