Dread River Distillery: Award-Winning Design

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Dread River is a stunning distillery in Downtown Birmingham designed by Magic City local, Williams Blackstock Architects. The design of the space has received an AIA Honor Award and caught the world’s attention with dramatic lighting from DesignHeure and Lee Broom. The centerpiece is DesignHeure’s gorgeous Nuage chandelier over the main bar.

DesignHeure Nuage chandelier.


Each room is different and mimics one’s mystical journey down “Dread River,” an allusion to an ancient tale of a river so large that steam vessels could traverse it flowing underneath Birmingham. The space utilizes lots of natural light, engages the branding, but also provides ventilation and an effective production layout. The experience of the space is ever-changing as patrons move through the bar just like floating down “Dread River”.

Lee Broom Decanter suspensions.